Happy Birthday to the Best Bosses I’ve Ever Had.

1/22/18 (23:26 KST): I’ve been out of the “corporate” world for almost a year now, by moving to Korea to teach English. It’s taught me a lot, been really rewarding, been really frustrating and everything in between.

To make this a LinkedIn post, as opposed to a Facebook post, I will focus on one professional aspect and difference I’ve noticed from going from a cubicle and office to a classroom on the other side of the world: Management.

I arrived in Korea, not knowing the language or culture and I have noticed that the “management style” of the hagwon business is nothing like that of Corporate America (that I’ve experienced) – this may be blatantly obvious to those who read this, but actually experiencing it, is like taking a right hook without your hands up. I’ll continue to adapt and adjust but after just a few months of being micro-managed, having a longing for Outlook reminders and meetings/one-on-ones that actually have substance – I realized that I will only continue to miss the previous managers, leaders, and bosses I’ve had in the past.

Ironically, two of the best bosses I’ve ever had, Ann Miller and Eric Davis, share their birthdays today. So I just wanted to take a minute to wish them a Happy Birthday. And also thank them for being bosses, friends, and mentors that always supported me both professionally and personally. They both went to bat for me, always had an open door and provided advice, encouragement, and honesty.

Again, being outside of the Corporate American work environment has been an interesting experience – but it’s also made me miss and appreciate the great leaders I’ve had.

Again, Happy Birthday Ann and Eric – I hope it’s the best one, yet! And thanks for being the best bosses I’ve ever had.




Author: benny / man on the side

Blessed beyond belief | I'm raising my standards, and lowering my expectations. | In life's journey, I'm taking the stairs. | Hockey | Ohio to Seoul | Korean adoptee |

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