Thank you.

6.11.17 (09:43 KST): I finally, with the help of my friends Austin and Dylan, was able to land the missing/elusive piece (literally) – a USA/Korea 3-proged adapter for my MacBook.

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Now that I’m reconnected (in the most connected country on the planet) I get to continue with my rambling and admittedly, still don’t know the proper protocol for the whole blog thing, but I’ve already spiced this one up with the image^.

It should have never taken me this long, even with my technical difficulties to land a keyboard, but I just want to thank everyone who has supported this weird journey I’m on.

Thanks to my family. Mom, Dad, Beth, Brett – thank you for your love, support and encouragement. Again, those things actually made this move easier for me, because I can always keep those things in my back pocket.

My Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. If you’ve met my family – I think we are uncharacteristically close. As I was growing up, I always thought of the unusual thought that I had: that (maybe) my family loved “too much”. That’s a weird thing to say, but the love is not weird, I think it’s the authenticity that makes it seem abnormal. I obviously owe my entire family much more thanks than this note and I promise, one day, I will appropriately thank you all. I’ve been the recipient of my aunts and uncles generosity that they’ve sent me monetary support, just to make sure I’m ok – but what’s even more helpful and priceless, are the FaceTime sessions that I get to have with them. The half hour “visits” that help me close the 6,700 mile gap is more important than they’ll ever know and that I can certainly articulate. Thank you guys for everything, and not just in the past 3 weeks, but the past 32 years.

My friends. Again, I have this amazing, all-star roster of friends back home (and slowly, but surely, here) that have been so impactful, helpful and curious. First, two of my buddy’s welcomed new additions to their families…since my last blog post! Congrats to Woody/Lauren and Jon/Emily (triplets!). Honored that I was even thought about, during all the chaos (I assume that comes with having a baby) that they would think to share the good news with me. Those have been some of the best messages I’ve received, since I’ve been here. I haven’t heard of any complications, thus far, which is such a blessing. For all of my other friends that have sent random iMessages, Facebook messages, etc., it’s those things that seem so small, but are so damn meaningful. It’s ironic that I’ve got to talk more to some folks now, than I did, back home. I guess ironic and a bit upsetting :/ But those small conversations provide me with so much balance, and those simple gestures that remind me that I’m even a thought, are huge. Euby/Bobby – so glad that our hockey group text is still going strong, even if it has moved to the WhatsApp platform.

This post wasn’t supposed to be this crass. I just don’t have the eloquence to say “thank you” any better, at the moment. I hope I get to see/hear from you guys soon.

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